About us

Where does the word VINIDI come from? Is it from Latin? What exactly does it mean? Something related to wine, but what exactly? Surely for some of your, the same or similar ideas may be swirling around your heads. Well, the truth is, VINIDI in its original meaning has got nothing to do with wine. This was the name given to Slavs long before the establishment of Samo´s Empire. Giving tribute to almost three-thousand-year-long tradition of viticulture and viniculture in the territory of current Slovakia, we decided to name our company VINIDI which symbolises the indivisible link between our wines and soil, climate and wisdom of our people.

Nowadays very frequently used expression of “terroir” represents a complex of all elements combination of which leads to the birth of wine with specific character. It is not only about the soil and climate, though these factors are crucial.