The quality of grapes is the limiting factor in wine production. Without modern and most of all without sensitive technology it is not possible to create a high-quality product. The company of VINIDI has got the most up-to-date technological equipment, such as a sensitive pneumatic press, fermenting tanks for white wine with the cooling as well as heating option, vinificators for red wine with immersion of rape hat etc. We own adequate volume of tanks enabling us to individually process grapes of the same sort, but from different locations or of various maturity, and to pay close attention to the details of must vinification. The individual technological units follow up ideally, not only saving work, but especially not burdening the wine with useless technological operations, unnecessary re-pumping etc. The technologist can at any time manage and control via the Internet individual technological processes.

Worth mentioning are the two individual and divided cellars for maturing red, as well as selected white wines. In one of them, behind a glass wall, there are classical Barrique oak wine barrels of Bordeaux style, with a volume of 225 litres, produced from long, gradually seasoned dry wood that provides the wine with only the purest aromas. In the second cellar you will find large wooden barrels in which wine breathes and gains a softer and more velvety taste, however the original grape aromas not enriched by any toasting aromas are in wine maintained.

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