The company of VINIDI owns 50 hectares of vineyards in the township of Báb near Nitra. First-class location of our vineyards that are located on a hill leaning to the south and south-west provide the necessary pre-requisites for making wine of unique character and quality. The north-south orientation of our vineyards ensures excellent fitness of grapes thanks to ideal microclimate guaranteed by prevailing air circulation.


Brown soil and loess sub-soil is generally considered to be a suitable base for planting vineyards, however, the difference between an average location and a location that will achieve fame and gain recognition of experts is often literarily minor. The loess sub-soil in Báb on Malobábska hora hill is extremely rich in active calcium. Thanks to this combination, plant roots are able to penetrate very deep into the soil and draw all the necessary nutrients including calcium. Wines stemming from this soil are characterised by their high extract and minerality, they are firm in their structure and have an extraordinary maturing potential.


Vineyards of the VINIDI company are located in the same geographical latitude than those of the town of Pezinok. This is however their only similarity. Thanks to the south and south-west orientation, maturing grapes can use substantially more sunshine especially prior to the sunset, when sunbeams are warmer than after the sunrise. The duration of sunshine and average temperatures are the inevitable condition of perfect maturing of grapes.


hanks to the combination of all mentioned factors, Báb vineyards provide top-quality material despite the high produce that used to burden the vineyards. This is however history now. It was an inexcusable waste of the scarce potential of Báb vineyards. The expressiveness of our wines is strengthened by the uncompromising subordination of all agrotechnological operations to the quality of future wine. Burdening of vine plants with produce of not more than 1.5 kg, in some cases even significantly less, is really very low. However, we are not interested in producing above standard wine, therefore in the sake of achieving the ultimate quality we are willing to cross the line of economic capacity.

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